Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy

Embrace a wonderful career abroad with the aid of Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy to fund all your studies abroad.

Your career will thrive more than ever thanks to GoStudy's partnership with Auxilo education loans without collateral for overseas study. With offices in a variety of cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, and Cochin, among others, GoStudy consultants make sure you receive devoted support with regard to your student loans. You can meet all of your costs and study without concern with GoStudy supported unsecured Auxilo education loans for studies abroad through GoStudy.


Reasons to Opt for Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy


Loans Designed Uniquely

GoStudy loan products are distinctive due to the unfussiness. All education loans are tailored to the particular needs of the students.


100% Cost Coverage

The Auxilo Education Loan without collateral for Study Abroad through GoStudy provides every aspect of the student's learning costs with uninterrupted disbursal.


Services At Your Fingertips

GoStudy experts are going to be there to assist you with the loan process at your fingertips. We are just a call/text away!


Higher Loan Amounts

GoStudy partnered Auxilo education loans without collateral are able to cover upto 100 % of your expenses abroad and may fetch you higher amounts depending on credit score.


Faculty Choice

Faculty selection is important for obtaining greater unsecured loan amounts. GoStudy has worked together with the best colleges.


Repaying is easy

Education loans from GoStudy offer a flexible repayment structure and come with better interest rates.


Comprehensive Loan Schemes

Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy come with diverse schemes tailor made for students’ needs.


Processing Your Loan Faster

With the experience of dealing with 1000s of loans, GoStudy partnered Auxilo education loans without collateral are processed at a lightning speed.


The market's lowest Interest rate

With GoStudy, candidates are able to make the most of the lowest interest rates, which are generally 0.5% - 1% lower when compared with other financial lenders!

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Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy for Overseas Studies

Every aspirant's aim is to study abroad in a top institution and reach the pinnacles of professional accomplishment. They don't always succeed in doing this, though. Due to the significant costs involved in studying abroad and the unavailability of funding from a reputable lender, the majority of students decide against pursuing their career ambitions and do not go overseas. Your ambitions will come true with the help of Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy. You no longer need to worry about the price of studying, getting admission, housing, travelling, meals, and other ancillary charges like purchasing equipment, gadgets, etc. thanks to their extensive loan choices.

Through GoStudy, a comprehensive Auxilo education loan without collateral covers all costs associated with attending school, including application fees, transport, lodging, meals, purchasing technology, and other hostel fees. You need not worry about any type of finance issues because Auxilo financial services offers up to 100% of the costs of education through GoStudy. Flexible loan amounts, a quick and simple disbursal process, and rebates in the event of early repayment are just a few of the features that make Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy the best choice for funding higher education for international study.

The processing and approval times for Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy are lightning fast and might be authorised even before your VISA is given out. You must present your financial standing and available funds in order to be granted a VISA.

Instead of being just a financial lender, think of Auxilo non-collateralized education loans offered through GoStudy as your financial partner in advancing your professional aspirations. Additionally, since the loan covers all costs, including housing, gadget purchases, and travel, you need not worry about a cash shortfall.

Auxilo Education Loan Without Collateral
Auxilo Education Loan Without Collateral

Interest Rates of Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy

One of the most crucial components of any form of loan is the interest rate, and this is where things get murky for the majority of financial organisations. Loans have interest charges, which must be paid each month along with the principal. Unsecured Auxilo education loans through GoStudy are available from 8.99% and up, where interest rates are extremely reasonable. Interest rates for non-collateral Auxilo education loans made available through GoStudy may change depending on a number of variables and for specific students.

Low interest rates are available on unsecured Auxilo education loans through GoStudy if you have a solid credit history and credit score. The attractive interest rates offered by Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy are computed using the Simple Interest Methodology and have no upper limit. The repo rate for unsecured education loans from Auxilo is 6.40%, and the reset frequency is typically every three months. For Auxilo loans, the marginal cost-based lending rate is 0% and is reset every six months. The annual penalty rate for past-due EMIs is 24%.

Below is a short table indicating the interest rates for Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy.

Type of Education Loan

Auxilo Education Loan Rate of Interest As Per Market

Auxilo Education Loan Rate of Interest Through GoStudy

Secured Education Loan (USA) 9.5% 9.25%
Unsecured Education Loan (USA) 10.25% 10.00%
Secured Education Loan (Others) 9.5% 9.25%
Unsecured Education Loan (Others) 11.75% 11.50%

Additionally, the following mathematical method was used to calculate the EMI based on the interest rates of education loans offered by Auxilo For Abroad Education through GoStudy:

EMI is calculated as [Principal Amount x Interest Rate x (1 + Interest Rate) Tenure*] [(1 + Interest Rate) Tenure* - 1]

*Please be aware that the loan's term is determined in months.

What Costs Are Covered By Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy for Abroad Studies?

In India, Auxilo is a well-known financial institution that provides simple options and chances for students looking to study abroad. They provide the most practical loan conditions, such as a low Interest Rate for GoStudy's Auxilo Education Loan Without Collateral. The loan application process is quick; loans are approved in as little as one week. Auxilo has no cap on loans for international education because they are aware that studying abroad is expensive. The loan pays for living expenses, educational costs, travel costs, exam fees, food costs, etc. With Auxilo, there is no requirement for any margin money, and everything is covered by the loan. Additionally, there are alternatives for customized loans because various students have different needs, and depending on the nation, these loans can be tailored. More than twenty nations accept Auxilo education loans without collateral for international education, some of which include

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • UAE
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • France
  • Ireland

A comprehensive programme that offers up to 100% funding for your study is Auxilo education loan without collateral through GoStudy. The loan is rather inexpensive and covers all the major expenses without having any additional fees. For unsecured loans, any amount beyond 4 lacs would incur a margin of 8%; however, up to 4 lacs, you are exempt from paying any margin.

Below marked are the lists of the Costs Covered by Auxilo Education Loan Without Collateral through GoStudy:

Things covered under Auxilo Education Loan through GoStudy

Costs Covered by Auxilo Education Loan through GoStudy

Tuition Fees 0 - 65 Lakhs (Approx)
Living Cost 6 Lakhs - 15 Lakhs (Approx)
Travel Expenses 20,000 - 40,000 Rupees (Approx)
Others (Books/Uniforms/Computers) 80,000 - 1,50,000 Rupees (Approx)

Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy

Auxilo loans are the most dependable and well-liked due to their technological efficiency, large quantity of loan choices, and flexible repayment options. You may qualify for programmes like the Central Government Interest Subsidy Schemes (CSIS) for students with weaker financial portfolios where the family income is less than 4.5 lacs per year if you want to take out Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy. This 100% financed school loan qualifies for lump sum tax benefits under Section 80E. Every applicant will welcome the lower interest rates starting at 8.99 and the disbursement of the loan money within two days of approval.

Three basic types of education loans are normally available from Auxilo through GoStudy: secured loans, partially secured loans, and unsecured loans. In order to receive a secured loan, you must provide security in the form of immovable property, fixed deposits, non-agricultural land, or other liquid assets as collateral. When your required loan amount exceeds your unsecured eligibility and the remaining amount requires collateral security, your loan is considered partially secured.

Unsecured education loans can range up to 7.5 lacs and do not require any security. Nevertheless, in case you get yourself a chance at a prestigious business like IIM, the mortgage amount can improve based on your profile. The bank has categorically divided the institutions' list into 3 groups including Prime A with top tier universities, Prime B with Prime C and two-tier universities with colleges which don't fall under Prime A or B. to be able to be eligible for unsecured loans; you have to accumulate more than 50 % in Graduation and HSC. To be eligible for unsecured loans, students or co-applicants must have a credit score of a minimum of 600. The Auxilo education loan with no security through GoStudy is perfect for students who don't have collateral to deposit and who are financially weak. There is less paperwork required and a higher chance of approval for the Auxilo unsecured education loan through GoStudy.

Loans without collateral typically need extensive checks, good credit, and a tonne of paperwork. Candidates applying for Auxilo education loans without security through GoStudy can genuinely breathe a sigh of relief thanks to pre-admission loan sanctioning, loan refinancing, and variable interest rates. The list of materials you must have on hand to be approved for an unsecured education loan from Auxilo is provided below.

  • Assured Admission Offer Letter Without any condition
  • PAN or ID Card
  • Co-Applicant’s Income Proof
  • Education Certificates
  • Educational Scores Associated with- GRE/GMAT
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/English Exam Report
  • Candidate Passport

The Central Government's EWS programme covers Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy, and the interest rates are also rather reasonable. For deserving applicants, unsecured loans up to $40 lacs are available if your GRE score is 300.

Collateral for Auxilo Education Loans Through GoStudy

Auxilo only offers collateral free education loans, so pledging collateral is a rare occurrence with Auxilo. Auxilo Education loan with Collateral Security offered by GoStudy helps in rare instances to lower the interest rate or get a Loan sanctioned when the student's profile is poor. Collateral For Education Loan In Auxilo through the aid of GoStudy is recognized when it comes to insurance policies, FDs, real estate properties, and so on as the type of protection. The security deposit must be in the name of the applicant, his parent, or his legal guardian. The minimum CIBIL Score For Education loans in Auxilo by way of GoStudy is 750 and will depend on a number of other factors.

Below is a list of documents accepted for any Auxilo education loan through GoStudy:

  • Property Title Deed and Registered Sale Agreement
  • The original Registration Receipt for the earlier mentioned agreement is attached.
  • Allotment Letter by Municipal Corporation/ Any Authorized Government body such as MHADA, JDA, HUDA, CIDCO, GIDC Etc (in case applicable) Encumbrance Certificate (EC) to be presented for the prior thirty years. This collateral document is usually referred to as Link Document.
  • A valid Copy of the approved building plan or plan layout of the municipality.
  • The newest property tax bill or the Latest electricity bill with the same address.

Students who are self-sufficient financially can always choose secured loans with collateral to guarantee a 100 percent approval or sanction rate and accept loans in a secure manner. However, if you want to apply for an unsecured Auxilo education loan through GoStudy, you must make sure to make your payments on time and double-check the contract before you sign it.

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List of Institutions Abroad Accepting Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy

One of the largest NBFCs for education loans in the nation, Auxilo is well-known and one of the most well-known names in the financial industry. All of the top institutions and colleges in India and overseas accept Auxilo unsecured education loans through GoStudy. Every year, the bank assists more than 5,00,000 students in continuing their professions abroad with loans thanks to a list of more than 3000 universities and more than 25 countries that accept Auxilo education loans without Collateral through GoStudy. Few financial institutions have such a strong affiliation when it comes to providing unsecured Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy.

Here is a list of international institutions that accept Auxilo Education loans without security through GoStudy:

List of Universities accepted by Auxilo Education Loan through GoStudy

Pre Approved Education Loan amount by Auxilo through GoStudy

University of Florida 75 Lakhs
New Jersey Institute of Technology 65 Lakhs
George Washington University 65 Lakhs
Syracuse University 65 Lakhs

Prepare yourself for job advancement by attending education in the intellectual capitals of the world, such as Germany, the United States, or the United Kingdom. Auxilo has your back with highly regarded universities all across the world.

Co-Applicant for Auxilo Education Loans Without Collateral Through GoStudy

A co-applicant is an essential component of the loan application process for unsecured loans. A considerable amount of money is typically granted to candidates for education loans so they can follow their ideal careers, and banks typically do not want to take a chance on an unsecured loan. To protect both the bank and the applicant, banks make sure you have a co-applicant before issuing an unsecured Auxilo education loan through GoStudy. The co-applicants who have been approved by Auxilo to receive an Non collateral Auxilo education loan Without security are listed below:

  • Parents or Parents-in-law
  • Spouse or Siblings
  • maternal aunts and uncles
  • Uncles and aunts from father

Eligibility Requirements for Auxilo Education Loan Without Collateral Through GoStudy

Similar to the whole process of Auxilo's unsecured education loan through GoStudy, the eligibility criteria for the NBFC to be eligible for the loan is very simple. To begin with, students should ensure that they have received an unconditional offer from any of the prestigious universities affiliated with Auxilo, either Prime A, Prime B or Prime C. The proposal of admission letter is crucial to make sure that under absolutely no circumstances is your admission denied. The letter also confirms that the student has met all the requirements for admission to the university of choice. Moreover, there are other additional eligibility criteria that must be met in order to get the loan approved, such as:

  • The students can be NRIs or Indian citizens. The co- applicant, however, needs to be an Indian citizen.
  • Must have attained a minimum of 50 % in Higher Secondary and Graduation.
  • The CIBIL score of the co- applicants should be more than 600, and the University or college for which they are applying should come under the categorical list of the bank of Category A, Category B or C rated educational institutions.
  • The co-applicant's salary has to be sufficient to pay simple interest of the bank during the moratorium.
  • Co-applicant for the mortgage should have either three years of ITR or, alternately, two years of Form-16.

Pay your Application, Deposit & Tuition fees

Required Documents for Auxilo Education Loan Without Collateral Through GoStudy.

The application process for an Auxilo education loan without collateral through GoStudy is quite simple with minimal documentation, as we have pointed out earlier. The list of documents isn't complex and also the student must have a minimum amount of files to obtain approval for the process. Make the most of your skills, give wings for your ambitions and perfect your job objectives with Auxilo education loan with no collateral through GoStudy. The list of documents are brief, and in case you can finish them, your mortgage is going to be approved quickly. Below are a few lists of documents that you may have to present.

  • KYC
  • The student's educational Documents.
  • Course Details along with the Expense Structure of the University of your choice.
  • Admission Offer Certificate
  • KYC of the co-applicant
  • Income of co-applier
  • Income Tax Returns of Pupil - 3 Years
  • Co-Applicant Tax Returns - 3 Years
  • Age Proof
  • Relationship Proof with Co-borrower
  • Bank Statement for Co-Applicant
  • Documents detailing Collateral

Income Proof for Salaried Co applicant / Guarantor:

Copy of IT returns for the last two years or salary Certificate or salary Slip for the last three months, acknowledged by the IT department. Statement of income for the past one year (in the event of Salary Account)

Income Proof for Self-Employed Co-Applicant / Guarantor:

Business address proof (If necessary) IT returns for the previous three years (in the event that Income Tax payee) TDS Certificate (form 16A, if necessary) Certificate of qualification (for Doctor / C.A along with other professions) Bank statement for the most recent 1 Year

Some additional documents might be required for quicker approval at the banking authority's sole discretion.

Auxilo Unsecured Education Loan Process and Procedures through GoStudy

The simple process for getting an Auxilo unsecured education loan through GoStudy is transparent and hassle-free. The first thing that a candidate needs to do is to apply online for a loan and specify the amount of the loan that he or she wants. In this step, you need to mention the amount of the loan, the co-applicant details, the self - details, the institution details and the course details.

The second step is a verification at the bank's end. Auxilo is going to carry out its own round of checks on the papers and ensure that they're authentic and all details are submitted for further proceedings.

The third step is to have the bank send a formal loan offer letter to the applicant, where all necessary details are pointed out for the further processing. All costs and documents checklist is included in the structured loan offer letter. The loan amount includes a minimum processing fee of 0.35 % to 0.75 % of the loan amount.

The bank will usually approve your loan within seven days after receipt of all the required documents and confirmation of the loan offer letter. Following the sanction of the loan; The money is disbursed in 2 days.

Auxilo Unsecured Education Loan Sanction & Loan Disbursement Through GoStudy

Once the loan is sanctioned, you will get a formal sanction letter with all the details like loan amount, moratorium period, EMI, charges, guarantor details and institution details. This ought to be an extensive letter with all pointed out information and differs from an in-principle letter.

After the sanction letter is signed by the applicant and the bank / co- applicant, an agreement is signed to finalize everything. The loan is then distributed electronically or by cheque to the borrowers, co-borrowers or the university account. The customer then provides evidence of the sanctioned and routed loan quantity by providing a disbursement letter.

Auxilo Education Loan Without Collateral Moratorium Period through GoStudy

The moratorium on Auxilo's unsecured education loan through GoStudy fits with the recommendations of the RBI. The student can't repay immediately, so a moratorium is offered. The moratorium with regard to the Auxilo is minimum six months and tenure is 15 years, which includes a moratorium for 40 lacs and 20 years for over 40 lacs. The co-applicant has to pay a minimum amount of Simple Interest following 6 months which we are able to reduce and also extend for you at GoStudy.

GoStudy Partnered Auxilo Unsecured Education Loan Repayment

The Auxilo unsecured education loan repayment terms through GoStudy are easy and you are able to choose your preferred tenure based on your convenience. It could vary from twelve months to an extended tenure of 180 months. Auxilo will help you to choose the best repayment term if your financials are weaker. Repayment options for unsecured Auxilo education loans without collateral through GoStudy are:

  • Partially Simple Interest
  • Simple Interest
  • EMI
  • A total Moratorium time period is provided by Auxilo

GoStudy Partnered Auxilo Unsecured Education Loan EMI Exemption in accordance with Section 80E of it Act

If you go for an education loan, based on section 80E of the IT Act, you can get an exemption as well as a reduction on the total EMI. This is applicable to the student, spouse, child, or legal guardian who takes over the education loan. This exemption applies to all entitled university courses.

DOWNLOAD Simple & detailed comparison sheet of all Education Loan offered by all government & private banks and NBFC’s to study abroad.

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150+ Education Loan Experts Online

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  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP & LOR Preparation
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance