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Finding it difficult to get an education loan to study abroad? GoStudy, India’s Best Education Loan Company can get your education loan on time with the lowest interest rates and minimal paperwork based on KYC and without income proof. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the most suitable education loan to study in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany & other European Countries and fulfil your dreams to study abroad.


Reasons to Apply for Education Loan with GoStudy

World-Class *FREE Services* for you

We are a team of 150+ experienced education loan specialists providing end to end assistance. We are indeed what you need!

Triple your chances of Education Loan Approval

With near 100% approvals, we know how to present your case to get you the education loan on time and without complications

Simplest Education loan based on KYC

All we need is your passport, aadhar and PAN to get you an Education loan to study abroad

Upto 75 Lakhs without any Income Proof

We can get you an education loan upto 75 Lakhs without your income or your parent’s income proof

Education loan without collateral for any Country

No Property, No Problem - we can offer you collateral free loan starting from 5 Lakhs upto 75 Lakhs for your studies

Zero EMI till you finish your studies

We offer you a full moratorium for the course duration and 12 months after that. Pay nothing - No PSI, No EMI till then.

Avail upto 12 years to Repay your loan

We understand your priorities in life and hence we can give you the leisure of repaying your loan upto 12 years

100% Funding for Tuition, living & other expenses

Whatever the expense you have to study (tuition, living, books, exam fee, insurance & others) - we will cover it for you

Education loan for any degree & any course

Avail Education loan for any type of degree and programs (STEM, Non-STEM & Business)

Education loan even before you receive admit

Education loan based on your scores in GRE, IELTS or just based on the university you plan to apply

Interest rate as low as 8% - best ROI in market

No one can match our offering - We offer you the lowest interest rate compared to many other education loan company

100% digital & paperless application process

Hassle free education loan application process without requiring you to visit any of our offices

No (zero) Pre closure & Pre payment charges

You don't need 12 years to repay the education loan, so when you want to pre-pay or close the loan - you pay nothing extra

Save upto INR 4,00,000 with our Education Loan

Our education loan can save you lot on interest rate, processing fee, credit insurance and tax benefits under 80E of IT Act

No More Waiting - Get Approval within 24 Hours

We ensure the credit team has all required documents to approve your loan application usually within few hours of submission

Education loan to study in top destination






New Zealand
















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World-Class *FREE Services* for you

Globally, We are the leading Education Loan consultants for International Education. Our awards and recognitions among the entire overseas education consulting business is indicative of our unparalleled services. The multidisciplinary team has helped to handcraft the future of 10,000+ students.

24X7 access to Unbiased, Friendly & Passionate Team

A team of 150+ highly experienced, certified loan consultants to provide you with absolutely reliable information ensuring personalised, unbiased and quality service for education loans. Our friendly & sincere consultants follow a strategic approach, working on over 800+ unique data points towards the process while being committed to success.

Choosing the right education loan product for you

We help you choose the right education loan product based on your preferred choices, overall profile & eligibility. Our team runs a holistic assessment of your profile to ensure the best choice education loan that best suits your needs and help you with the requirements of the education loan.

Simplified Hassle-free Documentation

The biggest hurdle and the most important step in the entire process of an education loan is proper documentation. Our expert team will guide you through the documentation requirements of the desired country.

Effortless Loan Application Filing

Once all the documents required for an education loan are ready, our in-house designated applications team files the applications catering to the specific requirements of the education loan.

Education Loan Approval and Sanction

Your education loan approval is based on how well your credit history, employment prospect and income details are presented to the credit team. Our experienced consultants will take care of this most important activity to get you the education loan sanction.

Financial Documents for Admission & Visa Support Letter

Universities & Embassies would like to know whether you have the sufficient financial capacity to pursue your studies before giving admission or Visa respectively. In such cases, we help you acquire the required documents as per the requirement to support your application process with them.

Education Loan Disbursement

As simple as it sounds, you just need to accept the terms and conditions stated in the sanction letter, the bank disburses the loan amount fully or partially to you or the university based on the terms agreed. But this might not be as simple as that, you'll need to provide a lot of information not limited to the amount required from the education loan and its usage but also how the fees need to be remitted to the University, exact university banking details, payment method, negotiating on the forex rates, etc. But you need not worry, as we will handhold you through the whole process.

Recent Education Loan Approvals


of our students were awarded unsecured Education loans

University Amount
Arizona State University ₹45,00,000
Auckland University of Technology ₹35,00,000
Audencia ₹30,00,000
Australian National University ₹40,00,000
Boston University ₹55,00,000
Cardiff University ₹35,00,000
Carnegie Mellon University ₹60,00,000
Centennial College ₹20,00,000
Columbia University ₹60,00,000
Conestoga College ₹20,00,000
Cornell University ₹65,00,000
Coventry University ₹25,00,000
Douglas College ₹20,00,000
Durham University ₹30,00,000
EDHEC Business School ₹30,00,000
emlyon business school ₹25,00,000
EM Normandie Business School ₹30,00,000
ESCP Business School ₹30,00,000
ESSCA School of Management ₹25,00,000
ESSEC Business School ₹30,00,000
George Brown College ₹20,00,000
Grenoble Ecole de Management ₹30,00,000
HEC Paris ₹35,00,000
Heidelberg University ₹20,00,000
Humber College ₹30,00,000
IÉSEG School of Management ₹30,00,000
Indiana University Bloomington ₹40,00,000
INSEAD ₹40,00,000
Johns Hopkins University ₹70,00,000
KEDGE Business School ₹30,00,000
Lambton College ₹20,00,000
Lancaster University ₹35,00,000
Lincoln University ₹30,00,000
London School of Economics and Political Science ₹40,00,000
Loughborough University ₹40,00,000
Massey University ₹35,00,000
McGill University ₹30,00,000
Monash University ₹45,00,000
Montpellier Business School ₹30,00,000
Nanyang Technological University ₹40,00,000
National University of Singapore ₹40,00,000
NEOMA Business School ₹30,00,000
Newcastle University ₹35,00,000
New York University ₹50,00,000
Northeastern University ₹50,00,000
PSB Paris School of Business ₹25,00,000
Queen's University ₹35,00,000
Queen's University Belfast ₹35,00,000
Rennes School of Business ₹30,00,000
RWTH Aachen University ₹15,00,000
Sciences Po ₹30,00,000
Seneca College ₹20,00,000
SKEMA Business School ₹30,00,000
Stanford University ₹70,00,000
Technical University of Dresden ₹20,00,000
Technical University of Munich ₹18,00,000
Texas A&M University ₹60,00,000
University of Queensland ₹40,00,000
University of Western Australia ₹35,00,000
University at Buffalo SUNY ₹35,00,000
University College London ₹40,00,000
University of Aberdeen ₹30,00,000
University of Adelaide ₹45,00,000
University of Alberta ₹25,00,000
University of Auckland ₹35,00,000
University of Bath ₹35,00,000
University of Birmingham ₹35,00,000
University of Bonn ₹15,00,000
University of Bristol ₹30,00,000
University of British Columbia ₹30,00,000
University of Calgary ₹25,00,000
University of California Berkeley ₹60,00,000
University of Canberra ₹40,00,000
University of Canterbury ₹40,00,000
University of Cologne ₹15,00,000
University of Edinburgh ₹40,00,000
University of Erlangen Nuremberg ₹15,00,000
University of Exeter ₹35,00,000
University of Freiburg ₹20,00,000
University of Gottingen ₹18,00,000
University of Hamburg ₹20,00,000
University of Illinois ₹50,00,000
University of Leeds ₹40,00,000
University of Liverpool ₹45,00,000
University of Melbourne ₹45,00,000
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ₹65,00,000
University of Munster ₹20,00,000
University of Nottingham ₹30,00,000
University of Otago ₹30,00,000
University of Pennsylvania ₹55,00,000
University of Pittsburgh ₹50,00,000
University of Sheffield ₹40,00,000
University of South Florida ₹35,00,000
University of Sussex ₹40,00,000
University of Sydney ₹40,00,000
University of Technology Sydney ₹35,00,000
University of Texas at Austin ₹60,00,000
University of Texas Dallas ₹40,00,000
University of Toronto ₹30,00,000
University of Tubingen ₹15,00,000
University of Waikato ₹30,00,000
University of Warwick ₹45,00,000
University of Waterloo ₹30,00,000
University of Wurzburg ₹20,00,000
UNSW Sydney ₹35,00,000
Victoria University of Wellington ₹25,00,000
Wayne State University ₹30,00,000
Trinity College Dublin ₹35,00,000
University College Dublin ₹35,00,000
University College Cork ₹30,00,000
National University of Ireland Galway ₹30,00,000
Dublin City University ₹25,00,000
University of Limerick ₹25,00,000
Maynooth University ₹25,00,000
Technological University Dublin ₹20,00,000
Munster Technological University ₹20,00,000


Reasons why we are the best education loan consultants


100% genuine & unbiased services

15+ years experience in Education loan

150+ Certified & experienced loan consultants

100% Paperless & digital process

In-house education loan processing team

10000+ success stories

Same Day education loan processing

99.9% Education loan approval till date



highly commercial

Very Less or limited experience

You will never find a better team than GoStudy to assist you

No such thing

lead consolidators who usually sell your contact to banks & NBFC

Incomparable with us

Dependency on providers delays application submission by many days

Low success rate due to lack of expertise


University College Dublin


Kedge Business School


Wayne State University


University of California, Berkeley


New York Univesity


Seneca College


King's College London


Technical University of Munich


University of Illinois Chicago


University of Adelaide

4000+ Reviews


Kedge Business School

  • Masters
  • 10.75%
  • Unsecured Loan

I got my education loan from GoStudy for my MS in Ireland. The loan application process is relatively easy. Within a week, the entire formalities for an Unsecured loan got completed, and their disbursement was too easy. All I did was sent an email with the tuition fee and other personal expenses, and within 3 business days, my education loan process was entirely over. The amount got transferred without me visiting their office. I couldn't thank the entire GoStudy team enough for helping me achieve my dreams. I would appreciate Muthuram for his support and service.


Wayne State University

  • Masters
  • 10.25%
  • Unsecured Loan

My experience with GoStudy was smooth, and my loan was disbursed within a week. Special thanks to Mr. Kamal, who took care of my loan process and helped me get my loan with a low ROI. He regularly updated me with the whole process and responded very politely. As they said, the sanction and disbursement were on time for my Fee and Visa Process. Kudos to the entire GoStudy team, and I wish them all success.


University of California, Berkeley

  • Masters
  • 10%
  • Unsecured Loan

I have been to several banks and loan agencies looking for a student education loan. But none of them replied instantly or helped me. But then I came to know about GoStudy through one of my friends, and I got my loan sanctioned in just a week. The entire process was digital and ensured you get the best rate. Thanks to Muthuram for helping me and patiently answering all my queries throughout the process. Highly recommend it to students searching for an excellent place to get an education loan.


New York Univesity

  • Masters
  • 10.25%
  • Unsecured Loan

I was looking for an education loan for my studies abroad and found GoStudy. They provide education loans faster than other lenders. I want to thank Ajith for helping me throughout the process. He explained all the details and showed his full support till I got the loan. I applied at the last moment, and the support from the entire team was tremendous. I would recommend GoStudy to everyone planning to continue their studies abroad, and with GoStudy you will get the loan in a short processing time.


Seneca College

  • Pg Diploma
  • 10.5%
  • Unsecured Loan

I got admission for Masters in USA, and it is my biggest dream in life. When I thought of taking an education loan, I had no collateral to finance my studies and living, and the only option I left was to take an unsecured loan. I had no idea about this, and I approached many agencies and was worried about their response. Then I approached GoStudy and talked to Muthuram; he gave me hope and boosted my confidence. They started the process soon and sorted out very well whenever I faced some problems. The entire team worked hard on my application, putting all their efforts into getting my loan disbursed at the earliest.


King's College London

  • Masters
  • 10.5%
  • Unsecured Loan

I am happy to share that I got my education loan through GoStudy. The experience with them was great from the start till the disbursement. The entire was very professional, guiding me in all the circumstances. I never visited them in their office, but my loan got sanctioned within a week. Their work was outstanding and extremely helpful. I would never hesitate to refer GoStudy to my family or friends who need an education loan. Muthuram patiently helped throughout the process, and their hospitality was good.


Technical University of Munich

  • Masters
  • 10.5%
  • Unsecured Loan

I had an excellent experience with GoStudy to get an education loan for Studying in Germany. After getting the admission, I approached many agencies; since it was the last minute, no one responded positively. Then through Facebook, I came to know GoStudy, and they asked me to send a few documents within a call. Before I planned to visit them in the office, I got the disbursement amount in 3 days which is also more than what I needed. I couldn't thank the entire GoStudy for their hassle-free process. If you are looking for a trustable and quicker way of getting an education loan, then GoStudy is the best place.


University of Illinois Chicago

  • Masters
  • 10%
  • Unsecured Loan

I applied for an Education loan for my Masters in USA with GoStudy. Even though I had complications with my profile, they finished the entire process in less than 2 weeks. Muthuram cleared all my doubts and helped me throughout the process. The entire team gave me their continuous support. It was so easy for me to obtain a loan because of Muthuram. Highly recommend


University of Adelaide

  • Masters
  • 10.75%
  • Unsecured Loan

GoStudy Educational Loan service was excellent. I didn't get the loan approval from anywhere in Chennai. During Online Research, I came to know about GoStudy Education Loan. And the best thing is that my loan got approved within 2 -3 days. Ajith was very helpful in answering all my queries and quickening the process. I will recommend GoStudy to my friends for quick and easy approval! I thank the entire team for making my loan procedure easy and being there from the first step to loan disbursement.


University College Dublin

  • Masters
  • 10.5%
  • Unsecured Loan

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What are the services provided by GoStudy?

As the best education loan consultants in India, GoStudy team provides one-to-one counselling for all your education loan needs which include determining the best-suited education loan product by understanding your profile completely, filing loan application with the perfect documentation to the credit team, and helping you with education loan sanction and disbursement as per the requirement of the university.

How much does GoStudy charge for its services?

At GoStudy, we do not charge anything and all services are completely FREE at any point of time.

Can I do the entire process over the phone or online?

99% of our students take consultation, complete loan documentation and even file their loan application over the phone or through a google meet. So it's not mandatory for you to visit our office to take our services.

Will you be assisting for an Education loan with all banks?

Ofcourse, We will assist you in the whole process of getting an education loan through our other partners like HDFC Credila, Bank of Baroda, SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Avanse, Auxilo, InCred and other government banks and its completely FREE.


DOWNLOAD Simple & detailed comparison sheet of all Education Loan offered by all government & private banks and NBFC’s to study abroad.

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  • Consultant Mohit
  • Consultant Arjun
  • Consultant Steffi
  • Consultant Prajakta

150+ Loan Specialist to help you

Education Loan Guidance

3X Loan Approval chances

100% Unsecured Education Loan

100% Loan Without Income Proof

7.65% - Lowest Interest Rate

Save INR 4,00,000 with us

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150+ Education Loan Experts Online

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  • Lowest Interest rate
  • Full Moratorium
  • 100% Unsecured Loan
  • 3X Loan Approval Chances
  • 100% Funding
  • Loan without parents income