Study in Ireland

Highlights of Studying in Ireland

  • Ireland is one among the world's top 10 for education

  • Tuition fee for Masters at €9,000

  • MBA degree at €12,750

  • Fully funded PhD programmes

  • Bachelors Programmes at €10,000/per annum

  • Earn a flourishing salary of 40,000 - 60,000 Euros

  • Avail 2 years of Post study work permit

  • Earn permanent residency in just 2 years

  • Work for 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week on holidays

  • Study in the only English-speaking country in Europe


Why Study in Ireland?

Study in Ireland, an island country on the westernmost rim of Europe. It is the continent's second-largest island after Great Britain, and it is comprehended for its beautiful green countryside, fascinating history, and friendly people. International students willing to study abroad must know the Benefits of Studying in Ireland. Excellent career opportunities in Ireland for international graduates due to its appeal to multinational businesses, including well-known companies. One of the many advantages of studying in Ireland is that Irish universities deliver internship possibilities that are a splendid way to acquire real experience in the workplace that can prove invaluable when job-hunting. Ireland Education for International Students provides quality of life, peace, and human development.

Here are a few quick facts about studying in Ireland; Ireland has World-class universities with quality education & superb infrastructure. Universities in Ireland offer particular job-oriented programs. These courses are industriousness concentrated and are approvingly specialized. Ireland is the World's second-largest exporter of software. Ireland is comprehended as the Silicon Valley of Europe, with the Government of Ireland's focus on making it an IT hub. Ireland has a World reputation for Data Science & Analytics, Cyber Security, Networking, Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence. Ireland has a Stable and Growing Economy which is also a major reason to Study in Ireland as it promises excellent returns of your investment.

Study in Ireland Study in Ireland

Education System in Ireland

Study in Ireland for first-rate education in a traditional yet modern setting. Primary Education in Ireland starts at the age of six for children. School-level education in Ireland makes it compulsory for children in Ireland from 6 to 16 or until learners have finished three years of second-level education. Children starting school can attend national schools, which are State-aided and do not charge fees, or attend one of a few private primary schools that do not get any state funding and charge fees.

The vast majority of children participate in State-aided primary or national schools. Secondary level Education in Ireland comprises a 3-year junior cycle followed by a 2-year or 3-year senior cycle counting on whether an optional Transition Year is taken following the Junior Certificate or Junior Cycle (JCPA) examination. Higher Education in Ireland is made up of several sectors. The State substantially funds the university sector, the technological industry, and the education colleges. In addition, there are several independent private colleges.

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Top Programs to Study in Ireland

A Safe and Amiable English-speaking country with globally Ranked Universities and Institutions and has a Contemporary Knowledge-Economy focused on Service and High Tech Industries. Degrees in Ireland refer to full-time, day-time academic courses leading to significant honors as summarized among the Level 7 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Degrees in Ireland are mentioned below:

  • Ordinary Bachelor Degree
  • Honors Bachelor Degree
  • Higher Diploma
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Masters Degree
  • Doctoral/Ph.D. degree

A degree in the Top courses to study in Ireland opens the door to a flourishing career. This makes choosing a particular path critical and confusing for the students with the extensive range of Best Courses to Study in Ireland to choose from. It is significant to comprehend the facts and analyze the student's interests and prospects available in this field.

Look at the list of Top programs to Study in Ireland and reach out to our expert counselors for any assistance.

  • Computer Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Accouting
  • Business Administration
  • Digital Marketing

Study Bachelors in Ireland

Ireland's records have produced a deep affection and admiration for education, and now educational achievement rates are among the highest in the world. Over 85 percent of young people study in Ireland, and over two-thirds of those go on to higher-level education. An undergraduate course takes three to four years in full-time modes. Top-ranked universities to study Bachelors in Ireland provide rigorous high-quality learning while accommodating study calendars. Best Bachelors Program to study in Ireland such as Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Accounting and Finance, Pharmaceuticals and Digital Marketing, etc. Specialized courses from the best universities will be a bonus since you learn and benefit from world-class facilities. The tuition fee for Bachelors in Ireland depends on the stream chosen, the duration of the program, and the university. On average, the Tuition fees for BS in Ireland ranges between €10,000 and €25,000 per year. Tuition Fees for Bachelors in Ireland for international students are revised every year.

Best Universities for Bachelors program in Ireland

Tuition fee for Bachelors in Ireland

University College Dublin 19,200 EUR
Trinity College Dublin 22,000 EUR
University College Cork 18,000 EUR
Dublin City University 17,000 EUR
National University of Ireland, Galway 17,700 EUR
Maynooth University 15,000 EUR
University of Limerick 14,400 EUR
Munster Technological University 12,000 EUR
Technological University Dublin 12,000 EUR
Technological University of the Shannon 10,000 EUR
Letterkenny Institute of Technology 9,000 EUR
Dundalk Institute of Technology 9,000 EUR

Study Masters in Ireland

Ireland is the motherland of Saint and Scholars, with 34 higher education institutions offering 5000 programs. Top Masters Program to study in Ireland is an ideal possibility with exceptional teaching procedures and world-class education and helps you connect with industry-leading experts. Study Masters in Ireland ensure that learners expand their skills and expertise within real-world scenarios by working and studying carefully with industrial partners and researchers during this program. Best colleges to study Masters in Ireland have exceptional knowledge in this field, and they even deliver the establishments that the students require for learning the different technical facets. The tuition fee for Masters ranges between €9,000 and €12,000. For further clarity, call our experts consultants.

Top Universities for Masters in Ireland

Tuition fee for MS in Ireland

Trinity College Dublin €18,375
Technological University of the Shannon €12,000
University College Cork €16,000
University College Dublin €19,200
Munster Technological University €12,000
Maynooth University €14,000
National University of Ireland Galway €15,500
Dublin City University €14,000
University of Limerick €14,616
Technological University Dublin (Blanchardstown) €12,500
Technological University Dublin (Dublin) €11,500
Technological University Dublin (Tallaght) €11,650
Institute of Technology, Carlow €11,250
Letterkenny Institute of Technology €7,000
Dundalk Institute of Technology €12,000
Waterford Institute of Technology €10,500
National College of Ireland €14,500
Griffith College €12,835
Dublin Business School €12,000

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Study MBA in Ireland

MBA in Ireland is an outstanding choice. Ireland universities are among the topmost B-schools globally. Best MBA Program to study in Ireland theory and application of international business and management principles, which help them excel as industry executives. The Top ranked universities to study MBA in Ireland create an environment to improve the grads' analytic, qualitative, semantic, and presentational potential. Study MBA in Ireland procures good skills in swapping with the different aspects of Administration in various conditions, even with a global company or a developing start-up. The Tuition fees for MBA in Ireland range between 9,950 - 35,000 EUR for a full-time course that takes one year to complete and in some cases, two years.

List of Top Universities for MBA in Ireland

Tuition fee for MBA in Ireland

University College Dublin €35,000
Trinity College Dublin €36,500
Griffith College Dublin €14,000
Dublin Business School €12,750

Study PhD in Ireland

PhD in Ireland has confined a large research project on an area of academic interest, documented as a thesis presented in an oral examination in front of a panel of experts. Top PhD Program to study in Ireland expands students into utopian supervisors and representatives of transformation in strategy and policy for nonprofit, government, for-profit, and academic institutions. Best universities to study PhD in Ireland are involved in independent and large-scale research assignments, and they also need to take several factors into account while driving their search. Tuition fee for PhD in Ireland can be waived off completely through scholarships offered and in some cases, the tuition fee for PhD in Ireland is approximately 3,000 - 30,000 EUR/academic year for international students for the first three years. If you are interested to Study in Ireland, contact our expert consultants.

Best Universities to Study in Ireland

Ireland has a range of institutions, including ten universities and 5 Institutes of Technology, in which most of them are featured in the world's top 500 QS World University Rankings. Top-ranked Universities in Ireland offer an extensive range of courses for international students. World ranking of Ireland Universities aims to equip students with the tools and knowledge they need for a successful career in business or other organizations where management skills are required.

The reputation held by the Universities in Ireland and Top Colleges in Ireland helps significantly boost a student's career profile upon graduation. Students get to spend time outside of academics to develop their personality and soft skills. Study in Ireland experience will likely give significantly higher knowledge, skillset, experience, and confidence to a student when compared to a college. When studying a Masters course, it would be ideal to choose a university as it has enormous study potential and industrial opportunities.

Please find the list of Universities in Ireland, and for more detailed and personalized inputs, Contact our expert consultants.

List of Top Colleges in Ireland

World Ranking of Ireland Universities

University College Dublin 171
Trinity College Dublin 101
National University of Ireland, Galway 238
University College Cork 286
Dublin City University 439
University of Limerick 511 - 520
Maynooth University 710 - 750
Technological University Dublin 800 - 1000
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Living Cost to Study in Ireland

Before International students decide to study in Ireland, they must be aware of the Living Cost to Study in Ireland to save and demonstrate sufficient funds. Living expenses in Ireland will differ depending on where your university is in Ireland, the type of accommodation you choose, and, of course, your lifestyle. On average, the Accommodation cost in Ireland would be €400 - 800/month.

There would be additional expenses that will play a factor in the total living expense for an international student in Ireland, and they are

  • Visa application
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Post/baggage to/from Ireland
  • Registration with police
  • Television
  • Mobile phone
  • Deposit for Accommodation

On average, the total Living Cost to Study in Ireland as required by the Irish embassy for study visa is €7,000 and €12,000 but students can bring it down based on their lifestyle. For more personalized information, contact our expert consultants, and they will help you study in Ireland within your budget.

Scholarships for International Students to study in Ireland

Innumerous scholarships and student grants are available for international students in Ireland. Merit prizes and educational fee waivers are presented to studies with excellent academic scores. Scholarships to study in Ireland inspire graduates with outstanding scores in their past academic presentations. Various sources such as the Government of Ireland Colleges, institutes of innovations, universities, and other organizations present scholarships for international students to study in Ireland. Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate, postgraduate, or research students and various fields of study upon clearance of the set eligibility criteria by the organization.

Below is the list of Scholarships for International Students to study in Ireland; contact our expert consultants for more information and assistance.

  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver The Achiever MBA Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver GMAT MBA Scholarships
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Global Excellence Graduate Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Global Graduate Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver V.V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver MBA International Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Michael Smurfit MBA Scholarship
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver MSc in Business Analytics Derek O'Connor Scholarship
  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver Centenary Scholarship Programme
  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver Global Excellence Graduate Scholarship
  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver MSc Merit Based Scholarship for International Students
  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver Indian Academic Excellence Scholarship for Smurfit
  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver International Irish Residents Merit Based MBA Scholarships
  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver MBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver MSc Merit Based Scholarships for International Students
  • 25% Tuition Fee Waiver PG Kemmy Business School Scholarships
  • EUR 22,000 Postgraduate Fellowships : The Walsh Fellowship
  • EUR 9000 Maynooth University Law Teaching Studentships 2018
  • EUR 6,000 The Walsh Scholarship in Law
  • EUR 6,000 The Denham Fellowship
  • EUR 5,000 Taught Masters Alumni Scholarships
  • EUR 5,000 James Healy Masters Scholarship in Law
  • EUR 5,000 School of Business Scholarships
  • EUR 4,000 PG Science & Engineering Scholarships
  • EUR 4,000 The School of Law bursary
  • EUR 3,000 Universitas 21 Alumni Scholarship
  • EUR 3,000 UCD Student LL.M Scholarships
  • EUR 2,950 National College of Ireland Scholarships
  • EUR 2,000 PG AHSS Scholarships
  • EUR 2,000 Taught Master's Scholarships
  • EUR 2,000 Postgraduate Merit Scholarships
  • EUR 2,000 Scholarships for Postgraduate Programmes
  • EUR 2,000 PG Science & Engineering Scholarships
  • EUR 1,500 PG Kemmy Business School Scholarships
  • EUR 1,500 PG AHSS Scholarships
  • EUR 1,450 National College of Ireland Scholarships
  • Dublin City University furnishes a scholarship that waives off 25% of your tuition fee based on your academics.
  • University College Dublin acknowledges students' outstanding academic and notable extracurricular records with EUR 1,000 to EUR 4,000 worth of scholarship.
  • The University of Limerick awards early applicants with EUR 1,000 and students with exceptional academic records with another EUR 1,000.
  • University College Dublin and the National University of Ireland, Galway honors students' exceptional academic and outstanding extracurricular records with EUR 1,000 to EUR 4,000 worth of scholarship.
  • Students with a striking educational and extracurricular background earn an award of EUR 1,800 to EUR 2,000 from university college cork.
  • Dublin City University renders a quality scholarship that waives off 25% of your tuition fee.
  • A scholarship worth EUR 1,000 to EUR 2,000 is conferred to a scrupulous student by Technological University Dublin and Maynooth University.
  • Munster Institute of Technology awards EUR 3,000 to every student of the data analytics Masters course.
  • An enrollment scholarship for students' Masters in data analytics of EUR 4,000 by the national college of Ireland and EUR 1,000 - EUR 2,000 by Dublin business school.
  • Griffith College Dublin on admittance for all student shelves off EUR 3,000 to EUR 3,500

Job Opportunities for international students in Ireland

The GDP of Ireland grew at 5.5% and is estimated to grow over 6%, ensuring increased job opportunities for international students. Ireland has the Third Level Graduate Scheme according to which, after completing their studies, global learners in Ireland can stay back for 24 months. Job Opportunities for international students in Ireland have grown extensively in the last few years.

Ireland's service sector is prospering as offices of major information technology giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are located in the country, yielding High paying jobs after studying in Ireland. Trending Jobs in Ireland are booming in the Information Technology sector. Also, a substantial rise in the demand for graduates from the hospitality and tourism industry. On average, Salary after studying in Ireland differs between EUR 50,000 - 60,000 per annum depending on various factors like your degree, choice of course, and skills.

Below is the list of Job Opportunities for international students in Ireland. In case of any doubts about study in Ireland, contact our expert consultant for clarification and assistance.

Top Paid Jobs in Ireland

Salary for international students in Ireland

Linux dev/ops engineer €32,000-52,000
Business analyst €40,000-50,000 (entry level)
Data analyst €40,000-50,000 (entry level)
Health & safety officer €45,000-60,000
Logistics manager €55,000-75,000
Supply chain manager €65,000-85,000
Procurement officer €40,000-60,000
Accountant €49,845 - 62,000
Qualified engineer €44,000-65,000
Pharma sales territory manager €45,000-55,000
Electrical engineer €55,000 - 65,000
Software engineer €50,835 - 69,000

Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for Students

Ireland is one of the best study abroad destinations owing to its quality education, excellent educational standards, and welcoming atmosphere. The Irish government allows international students to work part-time while pursuing their studies. Study in Ireland permits International students to work for 20 hours per week during the educational session and 40 hours per week during holidays. Numerous types of part-time jobs in Ireland are available depending on many factors like working hours, wages or stipend, present needs and requirements, long-term objectives, and many more. Part-time jobs are competitive but help international students learn the local working styles and help them cope. Part-time salary for international students in Ireland is the best way to cover the living expenses. The Average part-time salary for international students in Ireland is €9.15 per hour. But there are periodic requirements that an international student needs to fulfill to Work while studying in Ireland

  • Documented with provincial police known as Garda National Immigration Bureau or GNIB
  • Admitted to a program acknowledged by the Minister for Education and Skills
  • Enlisted in a full-time course at or above NFQ Level 7
  • Following classes between 8 AM and 6 PM
  • Recorded in a program with at least one year's duration

International students eligible to do Part-time jobs while studying in Ireland are also required to have a PPS number and open an account in an Irish bank. Contact our expert consultants for more information about Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for Students.

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Post-study stay back options in Ireland

The Irish Government has extended the Third Level Graduate Scheme for non-EU/EEA students at level 7 and above the National Framework of Qualifications. The double 'stay back option' for an International student who Study in Ireland from 12 months to 24 months is great news. Once you have completed your studies in Ireland, you can work for 24 months as a part of your Post Study work permit in Ireland. Regarding the Post study work permit application in Ireland, International students with an Irish accredited degree and Visa Stamp 2 may have the Third Level Graduate Scheme privilege.

The measures to the process are as follows.

  • Students can apply for a non-renewable extension of up to 2 years after course completion. This extension is granted to find suitable employment.
  • Later on, you can apply for a green card (renamed Critical Skills Employment Permit) or work permit (renamed General Employment Permit).

A new visa stamp - Stamp 1G - is now granted to International graduates authorized to work under the Third Level Graduate Scheme. Students with Stamp 1G don't need to apply for a visa extension separately for Working after studies in Ireland. Contact our expert consultants for current and additional information about Post-study stay-back options in Ireland.

How can we help

International students with the right potential and urge to obtain better education should not be denied the excellent opportunity to study in Ireland. Hence we at GoStudy operate to help every candidate apply for the course of their interest and desire. We support the candidates by assessing their academic portfolio to choose and apply for the best Universities for your desired Study. We also help the candidates by guiding them through the admission processes and helping them prepare for necessary exams. We also create a network of Alumni members for particular colleges and redirect the candidates to the team for essential help and guidance. With varied divisions and specializations available in Ireland, our team guides the candidates in choosing the specific field.

Below is the list of services provided to students

  • Detailed Profiling
  • Program Selection
  • University Shortlisting
  • Preparing SOP/LORs/Admission Essays
  • Application Filling
  • Follow-up with Institutions for Admit Letters
  • Educational Loan
  • Visa Filing
  • Accommodation
  • Forex Services

Detailed Profiling: The critical aspect of GoStudy is profiled assessment. We get to know about your goals, aspirations, interest, education qualification, extracurricular activities, internship, and work experience, identify the areas that need improvement and help you make a well-rounded profile. We also engage parents to understand your financial position and other requirements in this phase.

Program Selection: Choosing the right program will put you on the right track to a successful and happy future. It is, therefore, our duty to ensure that you make the right choice and the chosen program suits you. We will be with you till the last step and make sure you are satisfied with your selection.

University Shortlisting: After we help you find a suitable course, shortlisting the perfect institution is the next step. We will provide you with all the information you need, such as the syllabus, the standards of the faculties, the career prospects, etc.

Preparing SOP/LOR/Resume/Admission Essays: Every University requires a set of supporting documents demonstrating your qualifications and intentions for the application. We have a team of expert content writers who are well-versed in preparing these documents based on the individual requirements for each application—one crucial aspect of how we at GoStudy help you in your application process for Irish universities. Our skilled documentation team works diligently to give you a genuinely personalized document demonstrating your passion and aspirations for the university.

Application Filling: Our trained staff can assist you in tackling applications, and all you have to do is give us the required documents and rest assured that everything else is a piece of cake. Our job is to ensure that your application is filled out correctly with all the necessary documents and filed on time. Look no further; come to us, and we are happy to serve.

Follow-up with Institutions for Admit Letters: Post applying for the program, we keep track of the application and answer any query raised by the institution on the application. We keep track of your application status and ensure it reaches the department on time.

Educational Loan: Finances can be a reason for apprehension for most parents and students. Our expert consultants will go through your profile, give you financial Counselling and help you choose the bank, prepare the documents, and acquire the student loan.

Visa: We at GoStudy have a dedicated team of expert visa consultants. So, let us manage the tedious task of applying for a student visa and ensure everything goes well. We also make sure that you submit all the financial documents like Income Tax Returns, Liquid Assets, Official Bank Records, Payslips, and others crucial for visa application and assist you in preparing the records as per the requirement in the stipulated timeline.

Travel & Accommodation: It is always profitable to plan your trip, book tickets, and find accommodation well ahead. We will find the most suitable deals that suit your pocket and needs. We will guarantee that you find the course of your interest in the best institution possible and, of course, take care of all the necessary arrangements needed to realize your dream.

Forex Services: International Payment can be a tedious process. Most academies in Ireland approve a wire transfer to their beneficiary bank accounts. We at GoStudy have our exclusive Forex team to administer you in making the process a lot more convenient and secure.

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What is the living cost for international students in Ireland?

It is estimated that, on average, a student will spend between €6,000 and €11,000 per year. Living expenditures will differ depending upon the institution's location, the type of accommodation preferred, and the student's spending.

Does GoStudy help with the Visa process?

Yes, we at GoStudy have expert visa consultants who will assist you personally at every step and help you avail study visa.

Does GoStudy help with the loan process?

We at GoStudy have financial partners who aid our students with educational loans. So call us, and we have got you covered.

Can I work part-time while studying in Ireland?

Yes, Global students can work 20 hours per week during semesters and 40 hours per week during holidays.

Why should I choose GoStudy?

At GoStudy operates to provide all the services to an international student wanting to study in Ireland, from profile evaluation to accommodation. We ensure we have your back throughout and feed you with facts, and do nothing but what's the best for you and

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