Study in Canada

Highlights of Studying in Canada

  • Canada is among the Top 10 safe countries for students

  • Take your spouse/ children as dependents

  • International student enrollment for colleges doubled in 7 of 10 provinces

  • Masters at CAD 18,000

  • MBA degree at CAD 28,000

  • Phd degree at CAD$2,500

  • Bachelors at CAD 12,000/per annum

  • Earn a flourishing salary of CAD 60,000

  • Avail upto 3 years of Post study work permit

  • Work for 20 hours per week


Why Study in Canada

Canada Education for International Students is established on scientific and mathematical learning. Study in Canada programs typically focus on scientific and mathematical subjects. Canada Education for International Students prepares students to enter high-level careers or doctorate programs at an institution. Quick facts about studying in Canada is that it's the world's most knowledgeable country, with more than half of its residents holding graduate degrees. Advantages of studying in Canada education stand unique because of its strong focus on research and development. Benefits of Studying in Canada standards are highly regarded, with experts on many academic topics, and they're generally high in international university rankings. A comprehensive range of schools, numerous areas of study, and metier degrees can be deemed fundamental reasons to Study in Canada.

Study in Canada Study in Canada

Education System in Canada

Education System in Canada is generally divided into four stages. Primary Education in canada typically studies under only one instructor for the entire school year and receives that instruction in a single classroom. School level Education in Canada consists of two distinct levels: intermediate or junior high school; and high school. Secondary level Education in Canada curriculum in all high schools is devised to equip students for a college or university education and provide them with the skills to succeed vocationally once they graduate. Ninety-six public universities offer 15,000 study programs that offer higher Education in canada. International students can obtain a wide variety of degrees- a Bachelors degree, a Masters degree, and a PhD.

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Top Programs to Study in Canada

Study in Canada has invariably been at the canopy of the graphs when global students decide to study abroad. Top courses to study in Canada are a universal education system, globally acclaimed academic institutions, research excellence, and excellent career prospects. Best Courses to Study in Canada offer you a broad range of potential specializations. Top programs to Study in Canada are Finance, Pharmacology, Geosciences, Software Engineering and Business Administration.

Degrees in Canada are as follows

  • Foundation courses
  • Bachelor degrees
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Master degrees
  • Doctorate
  • Other classifications ( single/double honors)

Study Bachelors in Canada

Study in Canada for a Bachelors typically takes three to four years to finish. BS in Canada also provides more straightforward programs that take one to two years to complete. Top ranked universities to study Bachelors in Canada delivers well-trained students from a reputed college and maintain excellence in their respective fields. Best Bachelors Program to study in Canada for academic versatility and customized study expertise with arbitrary studies and extracurricular activities. BS in Canada administers its students to thrive academically and professionally by improving their enterprising edge and extending their marketability at the Tuition fee for Bachelor in Canada, ranging from 12,000 CAD-30,000 CAD(Per year).

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Study Masters in Canada

Study in Canada for a Masters degree within one year. Best colleges to study Masters in Canada have a reputation and heritage as a world center for scientific research, making it a magnet for some of the very best thinkers in the world. Top Masters Program to study in Canada going from English language courses to PhDs provides students the freedom to combine courses and subjects from different areas of studies. The Tuition fee for Masters in Canada is 18,000 CAD.

Please find the below table regarding Study Masters in Canada and don't pause to call us in case of any doubts and assistance required.

Study MBA in Canada

Top ranked universities to study MBA in Canada provides you with the opportunity of creating an understanding of business models and concepts and a substantial understanding of processes and practices to develop your leadership, financial, and project management skills upon successful completion. Best MBA Program to study in Canada is designed to draw from your current and past professional experience (if any), facilitating you to apply theory to practice constantly. It aims to enhance your capabilities to think critically, deal with ambiguity, and seek solutions to complex problems. Study MBA at the Tuition fee for MBA in Canada starting at 28,000 CAD.

Please find the table below to assist you regarding Study MBA in Canada; don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional consultants for further assistance.

Study PhD in Canada

Study in Canada for a PhD degree for three years full-time and six years part-time. The top PhD Program to study in Canada is calculative and promotes discussion through their research, which focuses on management. The Tuition fee for PhD in Canada is $6,500 CAD-17,000 CAD per year. Best universities to study PhD in Canada offer Healthcare Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Human Resource Management, Finance, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Business Analytics, Project Management & many more.

The below list is curated to help you with Study PhD in Canada and for additional assistance.

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Best Universities to Study in Canada

Top ranked universities in Canada for Masters are numerically rated based on their positions in the overall Best Global Universities rankings. Schools were evaluated based on their research performance and ratings by academic community members worldwide and within North America. Top ranked Universities in Canada present a comprehensive range of courses for international students. World ranking of Canada Universities desires to furnish scholars with the instruments and knowledge they need for a successful career in business or other organizations where management skills are required. The reputation held by the Universities in Canada and Top Colleges in Canada helps enormously boost a student's career profile upon graduation. Students spend time outside of academics to develop their personality and soft skills. Study in Canada venture will likely give a student more knowledge, skillset, experience, and confidence.

Please find the list of Universities in Canada, and for more detailed and personalized inputs, Contact our specialist consultants

World University Rank 2021

Canada Rank 2021


18 1 University of Toronto
34 2 University of British Columbia
40 3 McGill University
69 4 McMaster University
=73 5 University of Montreal
=131 6 University of Alberta
=145 7 University of Ottawa
=200 8 University of Calgary
201 – 250 =9 University of Waterloo
201 – 250 =9 Western University
251 – 300 =11 Dalhousie University
251 – 300 =11 Laval University
251 – 300 =11 Queen’s University
251 – 300 =11 Simon Fraser University
351 – 400 =15 University of Manitoba
351 – 400 =15 University of Victoria
401 – 500 =17 University of Saskatchewan
401 – 500 =17 York University
501 – 600 =19 Carleton University
501 – 600 =19 University of Guelph
501 – 600 =19 Memorial University of Newfoundland
601 – 800 =22 Concordia University
601 – 800 =22 Lakehead University
601 – 800 =22 Université du Québec
601 – 800 =22 Ryerson University
601 – 800 =22 University of Windsor
801 – 1000 =27 University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)
801 – 1000 =27 University of Regina
1001+ 30 University of Lethbridge

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Living Cost to Study in Canada

Compared to countries like the UKA and the Canada, the cost of studying and living in Canada is less expensive. Global students who decide to Study in Canada must know the Living Cost to Study in Canada to save and display sufficient funds. Living expenses in Canada will vary depending on which city your university is situated in, the type of housing you choose, and, of course, your lifestyle. On average, the Accommodation cost in Canada would be 5,000 CAD-10,000 CAD per annum.

Added expenditures that will play a factor in the total living expense for an international student in Canada are

  • Visa application
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Post/baggage to from Canada
  • Registration with police
  • Television
  • Mobile phone
  • Deposit for Accommodation

On average, the comprehensive Living Cost to Study in Canada will be 37,000 CAD. For more personalized information, contact our expert consultants, and they will help you study in Canada well within your budget.

Scholarships for International Students to study in Canada

Scholarships for International Students to study in Canada are very competitive as the number of fellowships is less. Acquiring Scholarships for International Students to study in Canada could administer you to achieve your dreams - be it advancing your career, starting your own business, or bringing change and opportunity to your community. Numerous scholarships and student grants are available for international students in Canada. Merit prizes and educational fee waivers are presented to studies with excellent academic scores. Scholarships to study in Canada encourage graduates with fabulous scores in their past educational presentations. Different authorities such as the Government of Canada Colleges, institutes of innovations, universities, and other organizations present scholarships for international students to study in Canada. Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate, postgraduate, or research students and various fields of study upon clearance of the set eligibility standards by the organization.

Find is the list of Scholarships for International Students to study in Canada; contact our expert counselors for more information and assistance.

Job Opportunities for international students in Canada

Job Opportunities for international students in Canada have extensive opportunities and have grown more in the last few years. International students can get High-paying jobs after studying in Canada with IT banking, insurance, and business services, which are all critical drivers of the country's growth. Trending Jobs in Canada in the Information Technology, Networking, and health sector. There is a substantial rise in the demand for graduates from metals, chemicals, aerospace, shipbuilding, motor vehicles, food processing, textiles and clothing, design, the arts, and electronic and communications equipment sectors. On average, Salary after studying in Canada is $51,282.

Please find the list of Job Opportunities for international students in Canada. In case of any doubts about Study in Canada, get assistance from our expert consultant for clarification and assistance.

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Part-Time Jobs in Canada for Students

An excellent method to satisfy the daily living cost in Canada is through part-time jobs. International students can do Part-time jobs while studying in Canada for about 20 hours per week. Study in Canada allows Part-Time Jobs in Canada for Students, but they must maintain a valid study/work permit and be full-time students in a Canadian university. They must also be studying any professional, vocational, or academic course which is longer than six months and provides a certificate/degree. Numerous types of part-time jobs in Canada are unrestricted depending on many factors like working hours, wages or stipend, present needs and requirements, long-term objectives, and many more. Part-time jobs are competitive but help international students learn the local working styles and help them cope.

Part-time salary for international students in Canada is the best way to cover living expenses. The average part-time salary for international students in Canada is $17.39 per hour. International Learners must track the rules and regulations of work while studying in Canada. Contact our expert consultants for more announcements about Part-Time Jobs in Canada for Students.

Post-study stay back options in Canada

According to the Post Study work permit in Canada, a work permit may be issued based on the length of the study program for a minimum of 8 months up to a maximum of 3 years. The updated rules and regulations of Post study work permit application in Canada apply to both Bachelors and Masters degrees, regardless of your area of study. Global students who avail Post Study work permit in Canada have no restrictions on the kind of job they can do during these two years and no minimum salary requirements. Working after studies in Canada is now more advantageous than before.

Hence, students who prefer to Study in Canada and know more about PSW or require any assistance can contact our expert consultants.

How Can We help

At GoStudy, we have made students' goals come true for years with the help of an authority in counselor study abroad applicants. GoStudy has installed a solid reputation in the Study abroad market, and you can get in touch with our experts at the click of a button. Prompt response to calls and messages and registering a consultation session is undoubtedly a boon for students looking for assistance. Based on your requirements, we then connect you with our experienced consultants who will remain with you from the very start till the end. From shortlisting colleges to writing an attention-grabbing SOP, from securing an education loan to sending transcripts, we can insist you at GoStudy

  • Detailed Profiling
  • Program Selection
  • University Shortlisting
  • Preparing SOP/LORs/Admission Essays
  • Application Filling
  • Follow-up with Institutions for Admit Letters
  • Educational Loan
  • Visa Filing
  • Accommodation
  • Forex Services

Detailed Profiling: The most important feature provided by GoStudy is profiled evaluation. Our specialists have a discovery session with you to understand your education, interests, work experiences, finances, and more. You combine the upcoming trends in your interest area to create a strength and weakness report to guide you further. We appreciate your goals, aspirations, interest, education qualification, extracurricular activities, internship, and work experience, identify the areas that need improvement, and help you gain a well-rounded profile. We also involve your parents in this phase to concede their financial position and other requirements.

Program Selection: The programs and the courses give you both the theoretical and practical experience in your chosen profession that you need for excellent job prospects. You need to select the right specialization for a course with placement. Selecting the right program will put you on the right track to a successful and happy future. Various universities specialize in multiple programs, so it is essential to know which of the top universities are suitable for your career growth. It is, therefore, our duty to ensure that you make the right choice and the chosen program suits you. We will be with you till the last step and make sure you are satisfied with your preference.

University Shortlisting: Choosing the correct country and University is of utmost importance in your Study abroad endeavor. We recommend you find an appropriate university. Shortlisting an exemplary institution is the next step. We will furnish you with all the information you need, such as the syllabus, the measures of the employees, the job possibilities, etc.

Preparing SOP/LOR/Resume/Admission Essays: We have an entire documentation team of specialist content writers with years of experience in the industry providing the proper guidelines for drafting effective Statement of Purpose (SOP), Motivation Letter, Resume, and Essays which play a crucial role in your selection as they reflect your persona. Our documentation teams have a strong storytelling background and ensure perfection in the structure and flow. This is a significant perspective of how education consultancy in Ahmedabad, can help to Study abroad.

Application Filling: Your application to the University articulates volumes about you. It not only displays your academic profile and subject interests but also mirrors your persona. Our application experts can help you with applications. Paying utmost attention, they will present an error-free application. Our job is to guarantee that your application is filled out correctly with all the necessary documents and filed on time. Look no further; come to us with your interests and questions, we will recognize them.

Follow-up with Institutions for Admit Letters: Post helping you apply to the list of universities you want to use. After connecting to the University, we regularly track the application and answer any query raised by the institution. We keep track of your application state and ensure that it relinquishes the department on point.

Educational Loan: Continuing education abroad is a notable investment. Investments can be a cause of worry for both parents and students. Our experienced consultants will go through your profile, give you financial counseling, help determine the bank, prepare the documents, and acquire the student loan.

Visa: The most crucial step in studying abroad is visa processing. An insignificant error in this process would make all the other efforts futile. So, let us handle the visa processing. Our dedicated visa counselors will take care of all the details. We will make sure that you submit all the financial documents like Income Tax Returns, Liquid Assets, Official Bank Records, Payslips, and others crucial for visa application and assist you in preparing the records as per the condition in the particularized timeline.

Travel & Accommodation: Pre-planning your journey, booking tickets, and finding housing well ahead is essential. We will find the best deals that suit your pocket and your needs. We will assure you that you find the course of your interest in the best institution possible and, of course, take care of all the necessary arrangements needed to effectuate your dream.

Forex Services: We aim to help you start on a flourishing career path. Are you puzzled as to how best to pay for your fees and other expenses through Forex? One of the most tedious processes is to make International Payments. Please comprehend that most global universities yield a wire transfer to their recipient bank accounts. Our Forex team to help you make it a lot more convenient and guarded to be your support.

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What is the ranking of Canada University?

The University of Toronto is the top-ranked Canadian university. Most of the University in Canada finds their ranking in world-leading universities.

Does GoStudy administer the Visa process?

Yes, we at GoStudy have experienced and skilled visa consultants who will assist you personally at every step and help you avail study visa.

Will GoStudy help in determining the best course for me?

Yes, after reviewing your profile and your interest, our expert consultants will help you choose the most suitable and rewarding course for you.

Does GoStudy help with the loan procedure?

We at GoStudy have financial partners who aid our students with educational loans. So call us, and we have got you covered.

Why should I choose GoStudy?

At GoStudy we provide all the assistance to an international student aspiring to study in Canada, from profile evaluation to accommodation. We confirm we have your back throughout and feed you with facts, and do nothing but what's the best for you and

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