Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland

Highlights of Studying MSc in Biotechnology

  • Permanent Residence (PR) in just 2 years

  • Ireland is the 2nd largest exporter of medicinal, Biotech and pharmaceutical products

  • Ireland is now the largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals in the EU

  • Ireland's foreign-owned Biotech companies alone directly employ 30,000 people

  • Choose from 6 master's in biotechnology program offered by 6 top institutions

  • Get up to 100% scholarships

  • 2 years of post-study work permit

  • Biotechnology is part of Critical Skills Occupations List


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What is Biotechnology?

As the name suggests, Biotechnology is the field that produces and develops technology on the basis of biology and biological systems. A little unpopular field because many people who have a bachelor’s degree from Biotechnology are mostly found working in pharmaceutical sales. To students who are fearing for their career, Biotechnology is a field that not many students take, so a Master’s in Biotechnology opens a gate behind which a million different work and research opportunities are yet to be filled. There is an abundance of need for Biotechnologist in the industry and the world. Learning about the workings of invisible particles creating a larger-than-life time crisis inside our body is not just important but gives you an adrenaline rush, trying to push your limits and thinking creative out-of-box ideas.

This field does not just concern one area of biology or medicine, this is used in healing and creating diagnosis and treatment methods, using biochemical activities to help our lives get luxurious and last of my point but nonetheless, not the least, implementing the knowledge on crop growth and harvesting with technology increase the net production rate by every square meter.

Biotechnology Course in Ireland

Why Study master’s in biotechnology in Ireland?

Every one of us tends to follow people instead of creating a path on our own. That is because we think the choice that we make on our own might lead us to a dead end. I get it because I used to be like that too. But the truth is, there is only a 50-50 chance that your path will be a dead-end or not. No matter how reliable a person you follow. If you create a path, plan every step of it, and follow through with it, there is a 75% chance that you, of all the people in the world, will succeed. This is because creating and taking a path on your own requires a level of maturity, fierceness, and courage. Any company would be lucky to have you and we at GoStudy are more than ready to help you discover your calling and help you in planning your first steps in this.

We highly appreciate it if you chose to do a Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland so that you can forge your career in the amazing field of Biotechnology. When I tell people to pursue a Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland, I get faced with one bold-faced sarcastic question. “Why Ireland?” Well, your luck, I’m one of those people who have the answer to any questions you ask. And I can answer this with at most confidence too. Ireland is one of the highly attracted investment locations and biotechnology impacts a lot on the economic sector as they are very much entwined in from industry to agriculture and health care thereby turning over millions. Not just the employment and research opportunities, Ireland is a very nice and pleasant place to go and study. A very warm community of people with a nice climate and as the country is a large English-speaking community communication and studies are a hell lot fun and enjoyable. For doing a MS in Biotechnology in Ireland contact us at GoStudy so that we can help you make your study and stay as happy and frivolous as possible.

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Best universities for Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland

Biotechnology is one of these courses which are not directly available on google or youtube. You need a handful of well-experienced professors to teach and clear your doubts. Because the best teaching and research facility is what makes Biotechnologist from Ireland more appealing than the others competing with them. And we at GoStudy want you to be that amazing outstanding professional. Here are our top picks, feel free to contact their official websites to learn more about their curriculum and pattern of teaching if you are feeling intrigued by this list, which we hope you do.

  • Dublin City University
  • University College Cork
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University College Dublin

These institutions offer an amazing deal in the matters of academics and play a very major role in Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland.

Top Biotechnology programs in Ireland:

As the people who try to bring out the wonderful version of you, we collect every possibility and present it to you so that you can option, it is not going south today. MS in Biotechnology in Ireland is in different forms. Biotechnology is an amazing course and more and more universities are starting a course on Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland. But we have shortlisted our top picks so that it would be easier for you to select. You can find below the list of the top Masters in Biotechnology Programs in Ireland.



University College Dublin MSc in Biotechnology
University of Limerick MSc in Health Informatics
National University of Ireland Galway MSc in Biotechnology
University College Cork MSc in Biotechnology
Dundalk Institute of Technology MSc in Agricultural Biotechnology
University College Dublin MSc in Biotechnology
University of Limerick MSc in Health Informatics

Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland with Internship:

No one can deny the very fact that experience teaches a million times better and faster than sitting in the corner of a room cramming from a book. This fact is what internships are about. They don’t always have to be a month or two during the summer breaks, but can also come along with a master’s program as part of the curriculum. With a UG degree and an in-progress Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland, you’ll be able to find a lot of amazing and fun internships. If you are a fresher and looking for industrial exposure and hands-on experience even before you graduate, you can investigate the MS Biotechnology program with an internship or a placement with it. Taking up Biotechnology Graduate Programs with Internship in Ireland helps you decide in which field of Biotechnology you would like to work once you graduate, this increases your chances of getting a good job and lets your employer know that you apart from having the real experience you also know what you want, but still willing to go to such lengths to get new experience and learn.

  • University College Dublin
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland, Galway

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20 Branches across 12 Countries

Admission requirements to study Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland:

Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland is one of the most popular programs, but this perk does not make it almost impossible to get in despite the raging competition. In fact, the requirements to study MSc in Biotechnology in Ireland are pretty basic and straightforward. This also provides an opportunity for students with no direct experience in Biotechnology, a chance to explore the field.

Every university offering a Master’s degree expects you to give them your scorecard containing your CGPA from your bachelor’s degree. Students who have completed Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and Science are the students who are the target audience for this offer. These students should have a 55% or more in their bachelor’s in any of the above-mentioned courses to stand a chance in the screening process.

The other parameters which play an important role in the admission process are the submission of required documents like:

  • Application form
  • Degree Certificates
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Scorecard
  • Copy of the passport
  • And a few recommendation letters from faculty or a manager from your workplace
Duration 1-2 years
Eligibility Bachelor's degree preferably in IT, Engineering, Science, Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics with scores more than 55%
Tuition fees €15000 – 25000/ per year
Evaluation method Semester-based
Admission requirements TOEFL : 78 IELTS : 6 PTE : 50

English Requirements to study Biotechnology in Ireland:

The understanding and knowledge of the subject that we love are also directly linked to the medium in which we learn. Language, no matter what the lesser-known facts and myths say, is one of the most important aspects which determines our expertise. This brings us to the most important English Requirement to study Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland.

Marks scored in either one of :

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • PTE (Pearson Test of English)

Has been made a must. These exams are not very difficult, but they check your English proficiency because we need a meter to measure, the same way these scores help the administrative people to go through the screening process.

English Requirements for MSc in Environmental Engineering in Ireland

TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE scores are set as the benchmark for English proficiency. Universities have specific English requirements for Masters in Environmental Engineering in Ireland, and it is essential for students to acquire necessary marks. The minimum English score required for MS in Environmental Engineering in Ireland for an entry in any of the top universities in Ireland may differ with each institute. Aspiring candidates prepare for the tests all through the year. It will also be desirable to work on a few tests to understand the criteria before appearing on the real test. Below is the minimum English score for MSc in Environmental Engineering in Ireland.



Institute Of Technology


IELTS 6.5 with no section below 6 6.5 with no section below 5.5 6
TOEFL 88 79 79
PTE 61, with no section below 59 59 59

Application Requirements for Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland

As always, international students applying for the course of Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland have slightly different requirements for admission. These may vary from institution to institution, so we encourage you to check out their official website for further information regarding any particular information. The list given below contains the documents required to apply for a Master’s in Biotechnology in Ireland. If you are not sure about preparing these documents, do give us a call and our consultants will guide you through the process and will draft them for you.

  • Academic Documents: Scorecards of school and college
  • Bachelor’s Degree Semester Wise mark sheets, certificate, and consolidated mark-sheet
  • A copy of your passport
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose

How to apply for MSc in Biotechnology in Ireland?

The application process for any course at any level follows rather the same procedure in spite of the differences. The detailed process for submitting application successfully is as follows:

  • Decide the course you want to apply
  • Check for deadlines
  • Collect Required Documents (like scorecards, SOP and LOR)
  • Apply for MS in Biotechnology in Ireland
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Scholarships for Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland:

Scholarships for Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland are a motivation for students who have good scores in their previous academic performance. Universities, institutes of technologies, and colleges offer Scholarships for Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland. There are 11 Scholarships for MSc in Biotechnology in Ireland and the merit prizes range between €2,000 to 100% tuition fee waiver. The first and foremost eligibility criterion is holding an admit card in MS in Biotechnology in Ireland course.


Eligibility Criteria

Amount/Stipend (in EUR)

Postgraduate merit scholarship All NUIG Students €2000
MSc Merit based Scholarship Exclusive for Indian students 50% Fee Waive Off
Dublin City University Based on academicsAll NUIG Students 25% Fee Waive Off
Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship International students who got admission in NUI Galway 100% Fee Waive Off
Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship Meritorious Indian students admitted to NUI 100% Fee Waive off
V.V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship Meritorious Indian Students 100% Fee Waive off
Centenary Scholarship Programme Students admitted to DIT 50% Fee Waive off
Taught Master’s Scholarships Meritorious International student admitted to Maynooth University €2000
Ten Most Recommended Education Consultancy in India Award

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Scope for Masters Biotechnology in Ireland

The scope for graduates with a Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland is increasing exponentially. A person who wants to acquire a MS in Biotechnology in Ireland can work not just in the research area, but millions of companies in hundreds of different positions. Being a ubiquitous mixture of biology, physics, chemistry and math, this course is rewarding in both intellectual and financial ways. This field is rich with expectations and ideas to be implemented in the sense of agriculture, medicine, forensics, industrial processes and environment management. And it’s a haven which not just brings you excitement about your work, but also a great source of income.

Top Companies that Hire Biotechnologist in Ireland

  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Roche
  • Pfizer
  • Novartis
  • MSD
  • Amgen
  • Sanofi
  • AbbVie
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Bayer
  • Eli Lilly
  • Gilead Sciences
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Allergan
  • AstraZeneca
  • Abbott
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Biogen
  • Shire
  • Stryker
  • Regeneron
  • Teva
  • Baxter
  • Alexion

Salary after studying Masters in Biotechnology in Ireland


Designations for Biotechnology specialists in top companies and research facilities have a wide range of opportunities and career paths. The demand for graduates who are well knowledgeable in the field of Biotechnology is exponentially increasing. The field is insufficiently funded with graduates, which makes the employment sector wide open for candidates to apply. Employment agencies report the average salary for a Biotechnology in Ireland is €40,000/annum as a base stipend.

Job Title



Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist €32k - €63k €45,417
Quality Control Analyst €27k - €44k €34,482
Research Scientist, Biotechnology €27k - €71k €41,966
Quality Assurance (QA) Associate €26k - €46k €34,727
Technical Specialist €41k - €77k €55,820
Business Consultant €30k - €58k €42,259
Senior Research Scientist (Unspecified Type) €45k - €95k €63,695
Senior Manufacturing Engineer €50k - €72k €60,518
Quality Manager €34k - €58k €44,673
Quality Assurance Manager €46k - €86k €62,946
Process Technician €28k - €53k €36,538
Process Engineer €31k - €52k €41,130
Microbiologist €27k - €41k €32,939
Graphic Designer €18k - €30k €23,348
Chemical Laboratory Technician €18k - €27k €21,946
Quality Assurance Supervisor €32k - €59k €42,901
Validation Engineer €26k - €44k €33,515

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What services for MS in Biotechnology in Ireland does GoStudy provide?

we at GoStudy does one to one counseling to the students and provides distinguished services that include determining the best-suited university by examining your profile, applying to the university of your choice, with the documentation and visa, and assisting you with loans and accommodations in Ireland.

What does GoStudy charge for MS in Biotechnology in Ireland counseling sessions?

We do not charge any amount from our students for counseling or several other services that we provide; for any support from the application to visa, contact us.

What is your visa accomplishment percentage?

Through the relentless hard work, our team continues to hold a 100% visa success record, and for more detailed information, contact us.

Is GoStudy licensed representative of MS in Biotechnology in Ireland universities?

Yes, we are approved to represent all the Irish universities and are committed to furnishing you with the most authoritative information.

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43 Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • No Processing fee
  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP & LOR Preparation
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance

43 Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • No Processing fee
  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP & LOR Preparation
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance