Bachelors in Canada

Highlights of Studying Bachelors in Canada

  • Complaisance through education diversity

  • Avail upto three years post-study work permit

  • Earn a whooping salary of 69,466 CAD per annum

  • Seven Universities listed in the Top 200 QS ranking

  • Bachelors degree at an economical cost of 13,000 CAD/year

  • Up to 100% of Scholarships offered for Bachelor in Canada

  • Part-time up to 20 hours a week and 40 hours during holidays

  • 90% students are employed within 3 months of graduation


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Why Study Bachelors in Canada

Canada is the world's most literate country. Bachelors in Canada has become an appealing choice for international students. Canada is one of the safest places in the world and also has a wealth of cultural diversity that is sincerely inviting to foreign students all around the globe. Bachelors in Canada are recognized for being quite relaxed, and students are given quite a level of flexibility concerning attendance, course requirements, and assignments Bachelors degrees regularly take three years to complete. In some instances, the period can also extend to four years. BS in Canada also provides shorter courses that take one to two years for successful completion. Bachelors in Canada equip students to scope with work conditions. BS in Canada offers a panoply of courses from Art History to Neuroscience, to Accounting and Software Engineering.

Bachelors Degree in Canada Bachelors in Canada

Top Bachelors program in Canada

Experts in Journalism, Politics, Medicine, and Technology have got their start at Canadian universities and acknowledge that the best bachelors courses to study in Canada are discussion-based, seminar-style classes, where it's a smaller group of students debating or questioning different topics. The Top Bachelors program in Canada has normal lecture-style classes, especially for topics that have a lot of students (Computer Science, Medicine, Business, etc.)

The primary factor to be considerate about while choosing your undergraduate stream is your interest area. The course that aligns with your interest and your dream salary is the right course for you. It would be best if you did BS in Canada in that particular course. Generally, the duration of Bachelors in Canada is either three years or four years. There are integrated five year programs that can earn you a Masters degree as well. Bachelors in Canada courses are structured depending upon the content or the subject being taught. The country also offers some of the most exquisite arts and literature courses, and they also come under the Top Bachelors program in Canada.

Moreover, find a narrowed list of the Top Bachelors program in Canada,

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Top Universities for Bachelors in Canada

Canada has plenty of Top Ranked Universities for Bachelors. Best universities in Canada students are ready to join the workforce as soon as they graduate. Top universities for BS in Canada produce students who are ready to join the workforce as soon as they graduate. The coursework and intensity of the program vary depending upon the type of degree that the students opt for. Universities do extensive research and scientific contributions, the presence of award-winning scientists, quality of teaching, and the diversity of the students is what makes the Best College for BS in Canada. Bachelors in Canada are acknowledged for academic versatility and customized study expertise with arbitrary studies and extracurricular activities. The course work of Top ranked Colleges in Canada for Bachelors is discussion-based. Most classes are seminar-style and always around the corner groups of students discussing or investigating different topics.

BS in Canada can undoubtedly be a life-changing adventure for an international student. Best College for BS in Canada assists their students to succeed academically and professionally by helping them enhance their ambitious edge and boost their marketability. BS in Canada also helps you evolve into the best version of yourself, provides you with an enriching experience that prepares you for life, and helps you set short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Top Ranked Universities in Canada For Bachelors has educators who are not just esteemed academics. They possess multiple years of real-world expertise that they use to equip students with the latest knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in the competitive global marketplace

Here is the list of Top Universities for Bachelors in Canada; contact us for personalized assistance.

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20 Branches across 12 Countries

Bachelors in Canada with Co-Op

Co-Op Bachelors in Canada is intended to benefit individuals by helping them cope with work conditions. BS in Canada programs that have an co-op as a part of the course requires students to work while doing their end semesters to gain credits. Internship Undergraduate Programs in Canada provide the students with work practice and a chance to get accustomed to the distinct work-life culture. Several Internship BS Courses in Canada offer a year-long internship program that renders students with relevant research experience. Internship Bachelors Programs in Canada provide students with a golden opportunity to acquire knowledge and at the same time apply in the real world. Few of the Internship BS Courses in Canada offer a year-long internship program that renders students with relevant research experience.

Internship Courses in Canada for International Students are the most significant benefit. It helps students be a part of the work environment, build a network, and power up their careers. Who can apply for Internship programs in Canada? An international student who has completed at least ten months enrolled in more than 6 hours of credits and is willing to do a Bachelors in Canada can apply for internship programs in Canada. Finding the right study programs in Canada for international students can be made simple only if you acquire the correct data from dependable sources.

Find the list of universities providing Bachelors in Canada with Internship

How can we help?

If you are apprehensive about studying at a University or College in Canada, We at GoStudy will work to ensure that you conquer your dreams of pursuing BS in Canada. Our professional consultants help students examine every possibility, build connections, and gain opportunities globally. Our qualified consultants help you throughout the process, from evaluating your options to applying to the university. We at GoStudy ensure that you manifest your best selves. Few of our personalized services include:

  • Program Selection - Choosing the right stream is like laying a solid foundation for your dream career. Our specialists will back your choices with their years of experience and contemporary inclinations.
  • University Shortlisting - It is also very essential to find the right university among the hundreds of universities. Our consultants will evaluate your educational profile and financial background and help you shortlist the right university for you.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing - The statement of purpose, also known as the letter of intent, discusses your achievements, hardship, and meaning to the admission committee. This draft plays a significant role in the admission process.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) writing - A LOR is a brief and crisp letter written by an educational/professional administrator which helps the admission committee evaluate your credibility and ability. Ensure not to mix your resume and Lor. Our professional writers will ensure that your Lor's are drafted to showcase the best of you.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae writing - A Resume is an essential draft that showcases your educational and professional achievements. Our expert writers will ensure that the resume highlights all your key accomplishments and is formatted to stand out in the crowd.
  • Applying to Universities - The universities have a portal and set of rules and regulations for international students applying for BS in Canada. Our team will ensure that all your documents are ready and applications are filled way before the deadlines.
  • Education Loan & Financial Documentation - Various universities have complex financial needs for international students; our well-experienced consultants will help you sort your financial documents and guide you about the educational loan.
  • Visa Documentation & Filing - We will provide you with a personal visa consultant who will assist you with documents, applications and also train you for visa interviews.
  • Travel and Accommodation - Our years of service in the field have earned us a rich alumni base who will help you find the accommodation that's the best fit for you. We also have specialists to guide us regarding Travel and Accommodation.
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Admission Requirements to Study Bachelors in Canada

Are you considering applying for a Bachelors in Canada, If your answer is yes, we at GoStudy have created an easy-to-use and extensive guide with essential information to help you successfully get through the application process for BS in Canada.

Education in Canada has varying requirements which must be satisfied to gain entry at that level. Students applying for a Bachelors in Canada universities will have to go through the Admission Requirements to study BS the Canada. Every university has a set of Entry requirements for BS in Canada, and it varies based on various factors. Entry requirements for BS in Canada majorly differ depending on what program you are looking at, the entry requirements will vary for international students willing to do Bachelors in Canada and they must meet the minimum standards.

Here are a few general Entry requirements for bachelor in Canada.

  • A minimum of 12 years of education and specific courses will require more.
  • High School completion certificates and transcripts with a minimum of 70%.
  • Identification documents and Passports.
  • Supporting documents like a resume, SOP, and LORS.
  • A minimum English language test score of 6 in IELTS, 80 in TOEFL, and 60 in PTE, respectively.

Here is a complete list of respective universities and their Entry requirement for Bachelors in Canada,

English Language Requirements for Bachelors in Canada

English Language Requirements for Bachelors in Canada displays to your university how well you can communicate in English. To pursue BS in Canada, you must have a qualifying level of English proficiency. The Bachelors in Canada universities conduct classes, seminars, and laboratories in English. It's mandatory to have a qualifying score on the English language test. The minimum English Language Requirements for Bachelors in Canada are different for universities, and the tests that the universities' accept are IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

IELTS score required for BS in Canada

The IELTS Academic test is the most counseled to study an undergraduate or postgraduate course at a Canada university. It is an English language test that tests the listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. These abilities are some of the vital skills required from the international students applying for BS in Canada, and therefore there is a compulsory IELTS score required for BS in Canada. The minimum IELTS score Requirement for Bachelors in Canada is 6 in all the bands but note that the minimum score is subject to change.

TOEFL score required for BS in Canada

TOEFL is another of the world's most acknowledged English language tests. The test concentrates on how English is used in an academic setting, so TOEFL score Requirement for Bachelors in Canada schools and universities for admission screening. The general minimum TOEFL score required for BS in Canada ranges between 75 - 90.

PTE score required for BS in Canada

PTE is estimated as the easiest among the other tests, and so if you have failed to fulfill the minimum IELTS and TOEFL minimum asked to score, you can try to achieve the PTE score required for BS in Canada. The minimum PTE score is subject to change, but the general minimum PTE score Requirement for Bachelors in Canada ranges between 50 - 55.

Admission Process for BS in Canada

All universities have a set of conditions for Bachelors in Canada applications, and it is subject to modification. Students applying for BS in Canada are deemed to apply through a different portal and present educational documentation, identification documents, and supporting documents like resumes, SOP, LOR, extracurricular, and merit certificates. Application deadlines for BS in Canada vary for both national and international students, and it also differs from university to university. The universities are very stringent about the deadlines. International students applying for BS in Canada need to pay extra attention to the deadlines; Professionals at GoStudy are well informed of the deadlines and ensure that all the documentation and application filing of our students is prepared way before the deadline.

Scholarships for Bachelors in Canada

A limited number of scholarships for international students to study BS in Canada are bestowed to outstanding applicants from any country outside Canada to pursue a BS in Canada in any subject available. A Scholarship covers the total cost of studying Bachelors in Canada. Bachelors in Canada with Scholarships also contribute additional discretionary funding. Scholarships to study Bachelors in Canada have special criteria that have to be met to win the scholarship. Differing types of scholarships have other measures set by the university's department providing Bachelors in Canada. Your accomplishments and efforts in the field beyond your curriculum will help you catch the admission committee's eye and secure some scholarships for BS in Canada.

Here is a list of Application deadlines for BS in Canada of a few universities for your source; please call us for any further details or assistance regarding the admission process for BS in Canada.

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Cost for Studying Bachelors in Canada

The cost to study BS in Canada for global students is considerably costly. Education, accommodation, living costs, and work conditions are the key elements to determine the cost of study in Canada. Students need to estimate these costs before settling to study there. For Bachelors in Canada, and international students need to prepare for finance properly, it is essential. The first expense to look at is Tuition Fees for Bachelors in the Canada. Course fees for BS in Canada depend on factors like stream chosen, duration of the program, and the university. On average, the Tuition fees for BS in Canada are around CA$12,000 - 30,000. Tuition Fees for Bachelors in Canada for international students are revised every year.

Below is the list of a few universities and their Tuition Fees for Bachelors in Canada.

The following principal expenditure is the Living Cost for studying Bachelors in Canada. This will considerably depend on the locality you choose to live and the university will again be a contributing factor. Living Cost while studying in Canada will be approximately CA$1,125(per year). From university hostels to individual apartments, there are numerous accommodation options for students doing their Bachelors in Canada.

Here is a comprehensive list of your other living expenses,

Scope of Bachelors in Canada

Completing BS in Canada opens the door to the most exceptional career opportunities. Bachelors in Canada equip students with new skills and experiences. Being through advanced training and acquiring detailed subject knowledge improves Scope of Bachelors in Canada. The scope of studying BS in Canada is comparatively high because the number of students who get to start their careers at good positions in some of the most popular companies globally is high in comparison.

Job prospects after Bachelors in Canada are unlimited, and in any preferred field, students can build their career after Bachelors. The students will be able to obtain a good Salary after studying BS in Canada. Jobs after Bachelors in Canada in the field of Medicine, Nursing degrees, Law, Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Business are the highest paid. The Canada universities provide acknowledged, individual, and informative growth; therefore, it's safe to say that the students will acquire a massive salary after studying for a Bachelors in Canada.

Below is the list of Job prospect after Bachelors in Canada and their respective average starting salary,

Jobs after Bachelors in Canada

Salary after BS in Canada (CAD)

Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies 74,248
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention & Treatment Professions 69,163
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technologies/Technicians 68,748
Ground Transportation 66,950
Computer Science 60,000
Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies/Technicians 64,910
Environmental, Mining & Petroleum & Other Engineering Technologies/Technicians 64,382
Civil Engineering Technology/Technician 63,742
Drafting, Architecture, Surveying and Mapping 61,725
Precision Metal Working and Production Trades 58,691
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How many years, of course, is BS in Canada?

BS in Canada can be completed in two to four years depending on the university and stream. Contact us for detailed insights.

Can I apply to a Canadian university with 15 years of education?

Yes few Canadian universities accept 15 years of education; please contact us for more details.

Will you help me in preparing my sop?

Yes, our professional writers with years of experience will assist you in drafting your statement of purpose.

Will GoStudy help in visa processing?

Yes, we will help you in applying for a visa and also prepare for a visa interview

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43 Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • No Processing fee
  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP & LOR Preparation
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance

43 Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • No Processing fee
  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP & LOR Preparation
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance